Website ATM Scam?

Website ATM Product Review


Is Website ATM a scam, or can you actually make $500 a day using this system as they claim? 

Is this a simple virtually done for you system that can more than replace your income? 

If only it were that easy, right? 

Because I’ve reviewed many of these types of products in the past, I have a great idea of what this is all about. 

Let me show you what’s involved and if this will actually work. 

Is Website ATM a scam? I’m about to break it all down for you, so keep reading. 

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Product: Website ATM
Owner(s): Nick

Website ATM Scam?

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Website ATM Scam - Make 0 a day according to this headline

The video starts by asking if there was a way to make $500 per day by pushing a button, would we take it? What if a system could cause “Serious cash to flood into your bank account 24/7/365?”  

Make Money Online Without the Work?

The video claims that we’ll get our own virtual money machine (thus, the name Website ATM) that “sucks money right into your bank account”.

In order to get the cash, according to the video, you have to: 

  • Sign Up
  • Trust the virtually done for you proprietary system to bring in the money

Well, the sales video claims that Website ATM will do virtually all the work for you.

Are People are Making Money with Website ATM?

In order to know a product is working you need to see if other people are getting results.

Website ATM is no exception. 

Here’s someone named Richard who claims to have made almost $600 early on using this system. 

Richard did not make 0 his first day with Website ATM

This really is possible, although unlikely unless the system is excellent. Usually, you need time to learn, practice and acquire the skills necessary to succeed. 

Even if Website ATM claims that the system will do everything for you (it won’t), you still need to learn how to set it up and use it. 

Click Here if you want to get started like Richard and Christopher today

This is a fake script and these people aren't actually using Website ATM

Bubble pop-ups showing you that people are using this system and making money appear as well.


We don’t know exactly how Website ATM works based on the sales videos, but I have some ideas. 

It’s based on a proven model called CPA marketing. Their proprietary system will handle the technical aspects to set up sites that generate money without needing much work or technical knowledge.


While the marketing for this maybe pretty scammy, this could very well be legitimate and is well worth the very small investment to get started while it is still live.

You likely will get something very worthwhile for your money, and possibly get results like the testimonials, although, disclaimer, nothing is guaranteed and the results shown are relatively unusual. You should expect it to take more work than it seems.

That said, I would recommend trying it as the upside potential is so high.

Worst case: You are down the price of a nice dinner/drinks.

Best case: You are making half a grand a day passively.

Website ATM Review – 

Pros & Cons


  • They have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so you can get your money back if this doesn’t work for you


  • Costs the price of a nice dinner/drinks to start.

Click Here to Begin


Are you going to make $500 with the push of a button? 

Not highly likely, but the opportunity is worth the small cost of trying it, due to the huge upside potential.

Click Here to Begin


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