Kendall Jenner reveals the origins of the love letter in an Instagram story.

Simmons cleared of Jenner love-note mystery

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Hollywood star Kendall Jenner kept the world guessing for 21 hours before she finally explained the swooning love letter that got tongues wagging.

Jenner’s on-again off-again relationship with Aussie NBA star Ben Simmons appears to have stabilised in recent weeks after she was seen sitting alongside Simmons’ mum Julie Simmons at a Philadelphia home game last week.

However, the swirling rumours that have surrounded the couple made an unwelcome comeback on Tuesday when Jenner posted a saucy love not from a mystery admirer.

The reality TV star edited out the identity of the love note author, prompting speculation Simmons was behind the affectionate letter.

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner.

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner.Source:Supplied

“Dear Kendall,” the letter reads.

“We may be miles apart but my love for you grows stronger & stronger by the minute. My innermost feeling is love for you.

“I will love you until death separates us. Right now this separation is killing me, but in my heart I know that nothing would come close to separating us.

“We are united into one forever, body and soul and I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart.”

Kendall Jenner got tongues wagging with this love letter post.

Kendall Jenner got tongues wagging with this love letter post.Source:Instagram

Jenner herself gave no hint of who it may be.

Keen fans launched a spirited investigation to track down the mystery man, even testing Simmons’ handwriting from a note during his first year in the NBA.

The note’s references to time apart hinted at Simmons’ taxing NBA schedule which constantly forces him on the road. Others speculated One Direction singer Harry Styles, who had a fling with Jenner five years ago, could be the author.

Other Philadelphia fans welcomed the possibility that Jenner may have a new man on the scene — potentially ending the Kardashian Curse looming over the 76ers since the pair started dating.

Concerned Philadelphia fans last month launched a petition to ban Jenner, 23, from all Sixers home games.

Kendall Jenner watched Ben Simmons in Philadelphia.

Kendall Jenner watched Ben Simmons in Philadelphia.Source:Twitter

Rumours of relationship breakdowns have followed the pair all season since the Aussie rookie of the year was first romantically linked to the Kardashian reality TV star after he split with pop star ex-girlfriend Tinashe in July.

The couple are yet to comment on widespread reports they have been back together since the start of November.

There were widespread rumours in September that claimed Simmons and Jenner separated because she was seen cheating on the Aussie with fashion model Anwar Hadid.

Fortunately, Jenner finally put an end to the swirling speculation almost a full day after she first posted the letter, revealing fashion photography duo Mert and Marcus were behind the letter.

Kendall Jenner reveals the origins of the love letter in an Instagram story.

Kendall Jenner reveals the origins of the love letter in an Instagram story.Source:Instagram

“Nice try my secret admirer’s actually @mertalas & @macpiggott,” Jenner captioned an Instagram photo of the love letter.

While the Jenner-Simmons relationship continues to worry Sixers fans, the team’s performance since the couple got back together has only improved.

Philadelphia sits third in the Eastern Conference and has won six of its past seven games.


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